KUKI .16 Young Short Film Festival Berlin
12 - 19 November 2023

TeenScreen Kurationsworkshop 2023

Become a TeenScreen curator and choose the films for KUKI 16 - The Young Short Film Festival Berlin!

This is where 12 - 17-year-olds decide what's going to be on the big screen!

During the summer holidays, get together with a bunch of other teenagers, watch heaps of international short films in a relaxed space with catering and snacks and choose the films you think deserve to be in the international competition programs at the KUKI Festival in November 2023. This is where you have power over international, adult filmmakers! : )

All you need to do is watch and discuss the films and choose your favourites as a group. You will be selecting the films that you think others in your age group would want to see at the cinema, so your honest opinions are required. This is nothing like school and nothing will be graded! This is a fun and relaxed workshop, where teenagers are the experts!

As curators, you are a very important part of our festival team!

Later, during the festival screenings at Filmtheater am Friedrichshain in November, you and your friends will be on the guest list (popcorn and drinks included!) and you can watch the films and meet some of the filmmakers who made the films you helped select. And if you would like to do more, like help to present the program on stage or ask the filmmakers questions, we would love that. But that's entirely up to you!

The workshop is free and catering, snacks and drinks are included!

Workshop dates and times

Group 1 (for ages 12 - 14 ): Monday 31 July - Wednesday 02 August from 10 - 4.30 pm
Group 2 (for ages 14 - 17): Monday 07 August - Wednesday 09 August from 10 - 4.30 pm


At the super cool space, upstairs at the Youth Cultural Centre called Jugendkulturzentrum Königstadt (in Prenzlauer Berg)
Saarbrücker Str. 24, 10405 Berlin

The only thing you have to bring is your opinion!

If you'd like to take part, just send a short email to fredi.k@interfilm.de and tell us why you would like to take part.

Don't forget to tell us your full name, age and telephone number so that we can get back to you.

We're looking forward to hearing from you!

Thanks also to the German children's rights organisation, Deutsches Kinderhilfswerk for funding the workshop!

Here are a few impressions from last years Workshop