Submit films for KUKI festival in 2019

From the beginning of February 2019, films for the KUKI 12 - International Short Film Festival for Children and Youth (Nov. 3-10, 2019) can be submitted.

KUKI im Verleih

Ein Jahr warten bis wieder KUKI Zeit ist? Muss nicht sein! Der interfilm Verleih bietet drei Kurzfilmprogramme an. Ab 4, ab 7 und ab 12 Jahren!

Seats for Kids!

Support our "Sponsor a Seat" by donating €100 to invite 30 kids to the KUKI Festival!


About the Festival

KUKI believes in short film!

While feature films often conform to a formula, the short form readily finds new ways to tell multi-faceted and daring stories...

11th KUKI Festival Trailer - What an AMAZING collection of films!

KUKI Festival Opening Ceremony 2018

Environmental Program for ages 8+

The lively heroines and heroes collected here aren’t shy about protecting the environment...

Girls' Riot!

See what happens when a group of young women get to work with eminent feminist filmmakers and lecturers and select the films for a program according to their own standards and ideals!

Kindergarten Program (4+ Competition)

Throughout the seasons we observe tadpoles grow, learn insect-language from a colourful community and find out what happens when blue is mixed with yellow...

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