KUKI Festival

KUKI "Sponsor a Seat" Patrons 2014

Thanks to donations from the following sponsors:

  • BSR- Berliner Stadtreinigung
  • Markus Feiler
  • Deutsche Filmakademie e.V.
  • Susanne Groeger-Schulz und Gerold Schulz
  • Helmut Schracke
  • Denis Weber



Seats for Kids!

"KUKI" wants all children and teenagers who enjoy watching films to have an opportunity to attend the festival. That's why we set up the "Sponsor a Seat" campaign with Bewegliche Ziele e.V.

A donation of €100 buys 30 children and teachers tickets to a KUKI festival screening !!!

We're looking for entrepreneurs, office groups and individuals to donate €100  so that whole groups of financially disadvantaged children or teenagers can attend the festival. As a patron, you can either nominate a group you know or leave the organising to us.

This year we have invited the children's homes Kinderhauses Berlin Mitte and diverse Neukölln schools to come to the festival. If you would like to attend the festival with a group of children or teenagers but need financial assistance, please contact us!

Every single KUKI sponsorship helps
•    financially disadvantaged children take part in this unique festival
•    us continue improving our inspiring range of school programmes 
•    KUKI secure its place as an important cultural event for children and youth in Berlin.

Every "Sponsor a Seat" patron is naturally invited to attend the opening of the festival. All supporters will be listed on the KUKI Festival website, mentioned before screenings and given a KUKI sponsor logo to present on their own website.

If you'd like to become a KUKI sponsor, transfer €100 to the following bank account:
Name:Bewegliche Ziele – Internationale Kulturexperimente Berlin e.V.
Key word: Sessel-Pate
Bank:Postbank Berlin
BIN:100 100 10
Account number: 052 713 7100

IBAN: DE14 1001 0010 0527 1371 00


If you would like to be named as a patron or group please send us your contact information (name, address for donation receipt and if applicable the class or group you'd like to support) via post or email to Tina Hohmann tina@interfilm.de. Telephone enquiries: (+ 49 30) 693 29 59.

We'd be very grateful for your support!

The KUKI team.