KUKI Festival


There are loads of thrilling, funny and interesting films competing for awards at this year's 8th International Short Film Festival for Children and Youth Berlin and you can be on the jury! Watch and discuss films and nominate the one you think is best. Do you like short films and cinema screenings? Would you like to voice your opinion, instead of just watching? Write an Email to tina@interfilm.de. Well, expect a festival week that is full of films bursting with new topics and surprising plots from all over the world!

Our Juries:

1st and 2nd prize in the film competition categories for ages 6+, 8+ and 10+ will be determined by our children's jury.

1st and 2nd prize in the competition category for ages 12+ and 14+ will be determined by our TeenScreen jury.

The awards ceremony will be held on Sunday 15 November at 2pm at Filmtheater am Friedrichshain.

We're looking forward to an exciting festival week!

The KUKI team


Interested kids and teens can apply to be a part of the jury until the 3rd October.

To be part of the kids jury you have to be atleast 10 years of age, teens must be atleast 14.


The application should answer the following:


2)Best cinematic experience

3)First cinematic experience

4)who would you like to be, just for one day

5)what character would you give your best friend

Please send your application to tina@interfilm.de .