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Der übers Meer kam

The One Who Crossed the Sea

Jonas Riemer // Germany // 2020 // 10:57 min

Animation, Documentary // Portrait

Language: German // Subtitles: English, French, German, Without Subtitles, Spanisch

Where does the fear of foreign cultures and the desire for isolation really come from? The animated documentary THE ONE WHO CROSSED THE SEA tells the story of a GDR refugee who joins the new right. In a folding boat, he fled to Western Germany via Denmark, where the story tips into the dark. His newly acquired freedom turns into disorientation. Only in a growing nationalist movement does the main character find a new home.


#Fear   #Foreigners   #East Germany   #escape   #refugees   #Society   #Homeland   #Border   #Migration   #Racism   #Prejudice  

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Festivals & Awards:

Clermont-Ferrand – International Competition – France, 2021    
Filmfest Dresden – Germany, 2020    
Monstronale Halle  – Germany, 2020    
International Filmmaker Festival of New York  – USA, 2020    Best Animation Award
Festival of Animation Berlin  – Germany, 2020    
Filmz Mainz  – Germany, 2020    
E&U European Short Film Festival, Frankfurt Main  – Germany, 2020    
Festival of Nations  – Austria, 2020 -  Lobende Erwähnung
Athens Animfest  – Greece, 2020    
Refugees Welcome Festival Berlin – Germany, 2020   
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