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Heart Fruit

Kim Allamand // Switzerland // 2022 // 19:53 min

Live Action // Drama, Comedy, Dance Film

Language: Swiss-German, German // Subtitles: English, German

City people set off into a warm late summer night. Glances meet in a library. At a workout, two men discuss where to buy love. A couple kisses intimately. She bites him. No sooner has he bought a match than a better offer calls. Doubts arise. A couple explains themselves in therapy. At breakfast, his match chews her egg so loud that he freezes in disgust. The electrifying looks in the library lose their power. Full of hope they wander into the unknown.
Only the dance makes them temporarily forget who they are and what is about to happen.


#everyday life   #Relationship / Love   #Flirt   #LGBTQI+   #Communication   #love   #Music   #Dance   #Party   #clash/conflict   #Urbanity   #Summer   #street  

Part of the following short film programs

Where love falls

Festivals & Awards:

75th Locarno Film Festival - world premiere
70th San Sebastian Film Festival - international premiere
57th Karlovy Vary International Film Festival
26th Winterthur Int Short Film Festival
28th Leuven Int Short Film Festival
27th Regard Int Short Film Festival
35th Dresden Short Film Festival - German film critics award
20th In the Palace Int Short Film Festival
58th Solothurn Film Festival
46th Norwegian Short Film Festival
23rd Landshut Short Film Festival
29th Regensburg Short Film Festival
26th Pink Apple Film Festival
25th Tel Aviv Int Student Film Festival
25th Mecal Pro Barcelona International Short and Animation Festival
26th Guanajuato International Film Festival

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