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Grimms Meise

Grimm's Cuckoo

Corinne Le Hong // Germany, Switzerland // 2012 // 15:06 min

Animation, Live Action // Comedy

Language: German // Subtitles: English, French, Without Subtitles

Joachim suffers from hallucinations. Suffers? Not really, because the ?patrulls?, little paper men, entertain him fabulously; and his stay in the psychiatric clinic finally offers him peace and quiet, away from the turbulences of the outside world. Until Alma enters his life, whose fairy-like appearance turns everything upside down.


#Hospital   #Sickness   #fantasy  

Festivals & Awards:

Cannes Short Film Corner – Frankreich, 2012
Recontres du Court – Frankreich, 2012
European Short Film Festival Unlimited – Deutschland, 2012

Filmbewerungsstelle Wiesbaden