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Becs Arahanga // New Zealand // 2019 // 17:40 min

Live Action // Coming of Age, Drama

Language: Te reo Māori // Subtitles: English, NO GERMAN SUBTITLES

Aotearoa: 1600’s when Hine has her first menstruation, accompanied by other women, she is sent on a journey to undergo a sacred ritual guiding her from child to woman and warrior. However Hine isn’t quite ready to let her childhood go…
Hinekura is an empowering adventure about menstruation, coming-of-age and womanhood.


#Adventure   #Women   #Menstruation   #Mysticism   #Youth   #Body   #courage   #change   #Duel   #BIPOC  

Festivals & Awards:

New Zealand International Film Festival, Whānau Mārama - New Zealand 2019  -  Winner of the Auckland Live Spirt of the Civic Award and the 2019 Audience Choice Award
imagineNATIVE Film + Media Arts Festival – Canada 2019    
Winda Film festival in Sydney – Australia, 2019    
Oaxaca Film Festival – Mexico, 2019    
KUKI International Short Film Festival for Children and Youth Berlin – Germany 2019    
interfilm International Short Film Festival Berlin – Germany 2019    
Hawaii International Film Festival – USA, 2019    
Sydney Film Festival – Australia, 2019    
Skábmagovat - Indigenous Peoples’ Film Festival – Sápmi/Finland 2020    
Aspen Shortsfest – USA, 2020    
Native Crossroads Film Fest and Symposium in Oklahoma – USA, 2020    
Matariki festival – New Zealand, 2020    
Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film Festival – USA, 2020    

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