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Kann ja noch kommen

Maybe later

Philipp Döring // Germany // 2013 // 16:43 min

Live Action // Drama

Language: German

All that is missing is one last signature and everyone wants to get this meeting over as quickly as possible - the mother, the new parents, the woman from the adoption office. But there is one unknown factor, and that's Mirko, the father of the baby who has never seen his child.


#Relationship / Love   #conflict   #parents  

Festivals & Awards:

Wendland Shorts – Deutschland, 2013 - Goldener Storch
Filmfest Dresden – Deutschland, 2013 - Goldener Reiter - Audience Award national
Filmkunstfest Schwerin – Deutschland, 2013 - Best Short Film

Filmbewerungsstelle Wiesbaden