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Oh Sh*t

Elsa van Damke // Germany // 2020 // 07:41 min

Live Action // Comedy

Language: German // Subtitles: English

OH SH*T! follows 27 years old Maggie on a date at her crush’s apartment. When she suddenly gets her period, she rushes to the bathroom —    where she finds herself confronted with a monster that’s been living in her head for far too long.


#Sex   #Relationship / Love   #Body   #Toilet   #Women  

Part of the following short film programs

Where love falls

Festivals & Awards:

Internationale Kurzfilmwoche Regensburg / International Short Film Week Regensburg, Germany, 2021
SNOWDANCE Independent Film Festival, Germany, 2021 - Best Young Director 
Golden Short Film Festival, Italy, 2020 - Golden Student Short - Award
Cine-Maniacs Filmfest, Germany, 2021 - Best Short Film (German language)
Kosice International Film Festival, Slovakia, 2020 - Best Comedy Short
Feel The Reel International Film Festival, Scotland, 2020 - Best Short Film
Reading Fringe Film Festival, UK, 2020; (1) Best Short Film & (2) Best Actress - Jane Chirwa
Alvsbyn Film Festival, Sweden, 2021
Filmfest Bremen, Germany, 2021
GRRL HAUS CINEMA, Germany, 2021
Women’s Film Festival – Demakijaż, Poland, 2021
8. Eat My Shorts – Hagener Kurzfilmfestival, Germany, 2020
Hammer Kurzfilmnächte, Germany, 2020
Canberra Short Film Festival, Australia, 2020
FilmFest Altenburg, Germany, 2020
Montana International Film Festival, US, Montana, 2020
Vierte Welle Festival Berlin, Germany, 2020
Anatolian Short Film Festival, Turkey, 2020
Female Eye Film Festival (FeFF), Canada, 2021
London-Worldwide Comedy Short Film Festival, UK, 2020