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Rien ne va plus

Sophie Linnenbaum // Germany // 2017 // 15:00 min

Live Action // Drama

Language: German // Subtitles: English

Bodo is standing on the top of a roof and ready to jump, when suddenly his phone is ringing. It's Evi, telling Bodo he won a prize in a competition he never took part in. While Bodo tries to get rid of Evi, all of a sudden the casino where Evi is calling from is being attacked by robbers... And now not only his life, but the lives of all the hostages are in danger.


#Fear   #Suicide   #Gangster   #Mobile Telephones   #Games   #Age   #Telephone   #Loneliness  

Festivals & Awards:

Hofer Filmtage – Germany 2017
Max-Ophüls-Festival Saarbrücken  – Germany 2018
Achtung Berlin – Germany 2018 - Bester Kurzfilm
Internationales Filmfest Emden-Norderney – Germany 2018 - Engelke Kurzfilmpreis
Exground Filmfest – Germany 2018
Leuven Int. Short Film Festival – Belgium 2018
Camerimage, Bydgoszcz – Poland 2018