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See you in an hour

Nähdään tunnin kuluttua

Markus Virpiö // Finland // 2021 // 12:30 min

Live Action // Comedy

Language: Finnish // Subtitles: English, German

Eveliina lacks a clear direction is her life. She inherits old binoculars from her grandfather. Her disappointment turns into bafflement when she realizes the binoculars show a view one hour into the future.  With her friend Pete, Eveliina starts to focus on the opportunities the binoculars present – there are many paths to choose from.


#fantasy   #Future   #Time   #Friendship   #Games  

Festivals & Awards:

Brussels International Fantastic Film Festival - Belgium, 2021
Fancine International Film Festival - Spain, 2021
interfilm Berlin International Short Film Festival - Germany, 2021