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Daphne Lucker // Netherlands // 2018 // 15:08 min

Coming of Age, Drama, Dance Film

Language: Dutch, Without Dialogues // Subtitles: Without Subtitles

SISTERS tells the tale of three sisters growing up in a dysfunctional family. A family without a mother. Sarah, Vera and Julia are at each others mercy and survive as long as they are together. With their movements and imagination they make their world bigger, beautiful and bearable. They play, tickle each other and sometimes exclude one another, but one thing is certain: their connection is stronger than diamond. But are the connection and the magic of their movements strong enough to overcome the reality of their existance?


#Dependence   #relationship   #Loneliness   #Family   #fantasy   #siblings   #Healing   #Youth   #Body   #conflict   #abuse  

Festivals & Awards:

Keep an Eye Film Academy Festival - The Netherlands, 2018  - Topkapi Films Fiction Award, Haghefilm Digital Audience Award
Netherlands Film Festival - The Netherlands, 2018  -  Fentener van Vlissingen Award for Best Editing, Noorderkroon for Best Student Film
The Netherlands Film Academy, 2018  -  AHK Graduation Awards: Best Graduation Project, AHK Graduation Awards: Audience Award
Eindhovens Film Festival - The Netherlands, 2018  -  Best Editor Award, Best Music Award
Shortcutz Amsterdam Annual Awards - The Netherlands, 2018  -  Best Experimental Film, Best Director, Best Cinematography, Best Editing
Cinedans - The Netherlands, 2019  -  Audience Award Student Competition
International Film Festival Assen - The Netherlands, 2019  -  Best Film KersVers competition
Sehs├╝chte International Student Film Festival - Germany 2019  -  Best TEEN Short
Short Waves Film Festival - Poland, 2019  -  Best Film Dance Competition, Audience Award Dance Competition
Brussels Short Film Festival - Belgium, 2019  -  Audience Award Generation Competition
Mo & Friese Kinderkurzfilmfestival - Germany 2019  -  Freestyle Award (Best Youth Short) 14+ Competion
Dan.Cin.Lab - France, 2019  -  Grand Prix du Jury
Stories We Dance - Italy, 2019  -  Best Film International Competition, Audience Award International Competition
La Guarimba - Italy, 2019  -  Audience Award International Competition
CILECT Prize 2019  -  2nd Prize, fiction competition
Minikino Film Week - Indonesia, 2019  -  Best Experimental Film International Competition, Youth Jury Award International Competition
Tegenstroom Film Festival - The Netherlands, 2019  -  Best Film of the Festival Short Film Competition
Zinetika Dance Festival - Spain, 2019  -  Best Dance Film Zinetika Dance Festival
Choreoscope Festival - Spain, 2019  -  Best Short Film Short Film Competition
Ringerike International Film Festival - Norway, 2019  -  Best Short Film Short Film Competition, Best Cinematography Short Film Competition, Youth Jury Award Short Film Competition
San Francisco Dance Festival - USA, 2019  -  Best Screendance Film over 10 minutes
UITKORT Film Festival - The Netherlands 2018    
VERS Awards - the Netherlands, 2018    
Cinekid Film Festival - the Netherlands, 2018    
Melkweg Matinee Film Festival - the Netherlands, 2018    
The South African International Film Festival - South Africa, 2019    
JEF Film festival - Belgium, 2019    
Go Short international short film festival - the Netherlands, 2019    
Plein La Bobine - France, 2019    
Tel Aviv International Student Film Festival - Israel, 2019    
Migrations Dance Film Wales - UK, 2019    
Festival Hongerige Wolf - The Netherlands, 2019    
Lago Film Fest - Italy, 2019    
Dance on Camera - USA, 2019    
Sharjah International Film Festival for Youth & Children - United Arabian Emirates, 2019    
Festival international du Nancy- France, 2019    
KUKI international short film festival for children & youth - Germany, 2019    
Sedicicorto international film festival - Italy, 2019    
Film by the Sea - the Netherlands, 2019    
Sans Souci Festival of Dance Cinema- USA, 2019    
Festival de Videodanza de Palma - Spain, 2019
Leeds International Short Film Festival - UK, 2019  -  Award winner
Camerimage Film Festival - Poland, 2019    
Stockholm Dansfilmfestival - Sweden, 2019    
International Marmaris Short Film Festival - Turkey, 2019    
Peterkit International Student Film Festival - Russia, 2019