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We Will Stay In Touch About It

Jan Zabeil // Germany // 2015 // 08:00 min

Live Action // Drama, Roadmovie, Thriller

Language: Without Dialogues // Subtitles: Without Subtitles

A man drives through a deserted landscape. Suddenly his car hits a person. The driver searches for the body, cannot find it - and must accept, that there is no one. Instead, he does find blood on the broken windshield. What happens when realizing that we kill - without being confronted with the dead?


#Fear   #Car   #Accident  

Festivals & Awards:

Filmfestival Max Ophüls Preis – Deutschland, 2015
New Directors/New Films – USA, 2015
Filmfest Dresden - International Short Film Festival – Deutschland, 2015 - Golden Horseman Short Fiction Film - National Competition