KUKI - International Short Film Festival for Children
and Youth Berlin

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The submission deadline for 2021 has expired.
Films can be submitted again from the beginning of February 2022.

KUKI 14th Young Short Film Festival Berlin 2021

Festival dates: 14 - 21 November 2021

Submit films until 09 May 2021

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Read the regulations (PDF)

Entry fee: 8.- €. - Tell me why... here!

Questions? - Contact us via submissions@interfilm.de

Send us your short films under 20 minutes (all genres, all techniques) for children and youth!

What we and especially our audience get really excited about? Films that show kids and teenagers as the smart, dorky, curious, political, sensitive, funny and wise people they are. Stories and films that encourage empathy and confidence, address serious topics in exciting and lively ways, that offer perspectives and ways forward. Films that make you laugh and feel (without being unbearably corny). Quiet films, crazy films! Films with animal protagonists! Environmental films! Documentaries! Experiments! Visual feasts! Hilarious slapstick! Films from all over the world! Nothing generic! Bring it on!

Festival profile KUKI

KUKI's competition programs are divided into the following age groups for children: 4+, 6+, 8+ and 10+. "Watch the World": is a Documentary Competition (audience award) for children aged 10+. And 2 TeenScreen Competition Programs are for ages 12+ and 14+ (curated by teenagers).

Special programs include the Environmental Program for Children aged 8+, the Foreign Language programs for ages 14+ in English, Spanish and French as well as "Teenage Riot!" and "Girls* Riot!" for older teens (and adults) aged 16+.