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Ananas Spleen

Adam's Pineapple

Guillaume Miquel // France // 2013 // 11:07 min

Live Action // Comedy

Language: English // Subtitles: French, German, Without Subtitles

Brooklyn, NY. At the next stop, Adam is sure that the girl of his dreams will get on the bus and sit next to him. But when he opens his eyes, all he finds is a pineapple. This is the beginning of a strange relationship between the two, that nobody seems to understand. Nobody, except maybe Kathleen.


#Relationship / Love   #love   #change  

Festivals & Awards:

7eme art du Lys Festival – Frankreich, 2013 - 2nd Jury Prize
Cours Charlie Courts – Frankreich, 2013 - Prize of honor
Noyon Film Festival – Frankreich, 2013 - Audience Award
Limoges Festival – Frankreich, 2013 - Audience Award
Paris Courts Devant – Frankreich, 2013 - Independent Young Producers Award