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Aufnahmen einer Wetterkamera

Recordings of a Weather Camera

Bernhard Wenger // Austria, Germany // 2023 // 18:30 min

Live Action // Drama, Comedy, Tragedy

Language: German, English, Dutch // Subtitles: English, German

A ski resort in the scenic Austrian Alps. A weather camera installed to display majestic mountain panoramas, casually captures a panorama of human abominations. While the frame lines pan back and forth, inside the frame interpersonal lines are being crossed. A bizarre film about all too common encounters and the tragedy in seemingly harmless interactions.


#Relationship / Love   #relationship   #Society   #Nature   #Sport   #Winter  

Festivals & Awards:

Filmfestival Max Ophüls Preis, Deutschland, 2023 
Diagonale, Österreich, 2023