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Between Bar

Pauline Flory // Germany // 2016 // 05:56 min

Animation // Drama

Language: Without Dialogues // Subtitles: Without Subtitles

A woman is enjoying herself in a bar in the hustle and bustle of the guests. But like a transparent wall, she is separated from the cheerful people. She seeks accompaniment in wine and slides down into a whirl of fluctuating images.


#Alcohol   #Outsiders   #Loneliness   #Women   #bar  

Festivals & Awards:

DOK Leipzig – Deutschland, 2016
The Kuandu International Animation Festival – Taiwan, 2016
Les nuits magiques – Frankreich, 2016
Landshuter Filmfestival – Deutschland, 2017
Filmfest Dresden – Deutschland, 2017
Ankara Film Festival – Türkei, 2017
Festival of Animated Film Stuttgart – Deutschland, 2017
Animacam – Spanien, 2017