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Die Klärung eines Sachverhalts

The Clarification of a Situation

Sören Christian Hüper, Christian Prettin // Germany // 2008 // 19:26 min

Live Action // Drama, Political Film

East Germany 1985: During a 24-hour interrogation, an East German secret police officer tries to force engineer Jürgen Schulz to withdraw his application to leave the country. The STASI-officer pulls out all the stops to succeed?


#Relationship / Love   #Prison   #History   #Fall of the wall - Anniversary  

Festivals & Awards:

FBW Wiesbaden – Deutschland, 2008 - Film des Monats August 2008
BIberacher Filmfestspiele – Deutschland, 2008 - Bester Kurz-Spielfilm des Festivals
interfilm International Short Film Festival Berlin – Deutschland, 2008 - Mini Movie German Short Award
Fano International Film Festival – Italien, 2008 - Special Mention

Filmbewerungsstelle Wiesbaden