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Analysis Paralysis

Anete Melece // Switzerland // 2016 // 09:00 min

Drama, Comedy

Language: Without Dialogues // Subtitles: Without Subtitles

Every time Anton need to make even the tiniest decision, his head starts to swell and sometimes becomes so big that he can't keep it straight. While looking for passersby willing to play a game of chess with him in the park, he notices Lily complaining about her trampled flowerbed. Will Anton be able to decide whether to help her?


#Outsiders   #Loneliness   #Friendship   #everyday life  

Festivals & Awards:

Fantoche – Schweiz, 2016 - Audience Award Swiss Competition & High Swiss Risk Award
Encounters Short Film and Animation Festival, Bristol – Vereinigtes Königreich, 2016 - Animated Grand Prix Award
BALKANIMA European Animated Film Festival – Serbien, 2016
ANIMATOU Int. Animation Film Festival – Schweiz, 2016
Riga Int. Film Festival – Litauen, 2016
Uppsala Int. Short Film Festival 2016 – Schweden, 2016
CINANIMA Animated Film Festival – Portugal, 2016
Swiss Film Award Nomination – Schweiz, 2017