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Cengiz Akayguen // Germany // 2021 // 12:53 min

Live Action // Drama

Language: arabic, Kurdisch // Subtitles: English, German, Arabisch

10-year-old Aysha a rebellious girl wearing a full-body veil and her sister are put to a religious test by their mother in a backyard in Afrin, Syria. However, the strongheaded Aysha is struggling with her identity and secrets, and takes a stand.


#Childhood   #Minorities   #Religion   #Family   #escape   #Human Rights   #BIPOC  

Festivals & Awards:

55th Hof international Filmfestival - Germany, 2021 - Shortfilm Award
Worldfest Housten Filmfestival - USA, 2022 - Best Short Film (Remi Gold)
Santo Domingo Global Filmfestival - Dom. Republic, 2022 - Shortfilm Award
ShowMeShorts - New Zealand, 2021
Duhok international Filmfestival - Irak/Kurdistan, 2021
ShortShorts International Shortfilmfestival and Asia - Japan, 2022
Turkey Germany Filmfestival Nurnberg- Germany, 2022
Heartland Film Filmfestival - USA, 2022
Wendland Shorts - Germany, 2022
USA Filmfestival, USA, 2022
Stony brook Filmfestival - USA, 2022
Bratislava international Filmfestival, 2022
Diversity in Cannes Shortfilm Showcase at Cannes Filmfestival - France, 2022