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For Love

Joy Gharoro-Akpojotor // United Kingdom // 2022 // 12:33 min

Live Action // Drama

Language: English // Subtitles: French, Spanisch, Russian, Arabisch, NO GERMAN SUBTITLES, Croatian, Filipino, Hindu, Indonesian, Japanese, Korean, Romanian, Traditional Chinese in Hong Kong

Nkechi, an illegal immigrant, has been living with her partner Martha and their flatmates Tolu and Dolapo in a small South-London council flat. She works illegally as a cleaner in the early hours of the morning while the rest of London sleeps. One day, immigration officers perform a random check-in on Dolapo who is currently seeking asylum.


#LGBTQI+   #Relationship / Love   #love   #Human Rights   #Women   #Migration   #Police   #Work   #Injustice  

Part of the following short film programs

Queer Fever

Festivals & Awards:

SXSW - USA, 2022    
Aspen ShortFest - USA 2022    
Pink Screens Film Festival - Belgium, 2022    
BlackStar Film Festival - USA, 2022    
BlackStar Film Festival x WRBG - USA, 2022    
Outfest LA LGBTQI+ Film Festival - USA, 2022    
DeadCenter Film Festival - USA, 2022   -  Best Short Film
Take One Action - Scotland, 2022    
Greater Cleveland Urban Film Festival - USA, 2022    
Curious Arts Festival - UK, 2022    
Hamburgh IQFF - Germany, 2022    
Adelaide Film Festival - Australia, 2022    
Melbourne Queer Film Festival - Australia, 2022    
Regent Park Film Festival - Canada, 2022    
Africa In Motion - Scotland, 2022    
London Lesbian Film Festival - Canada, 2023    
Pink Apple Short Film Festival - Switzerland, 2023    
Wicked Queer Film Festival - USA, 2023    

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