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Peix al Forn

Baked Fish

Guillem Miró // Spain // 2019 // 04:05 min

Animation // satire

Language: Without Dialogues // Subtitles: Without Subtitles

What happens if there is so much plastic waste floating in the oceans that the fish disappear? An ironic dystopian vision of the future.


#Food   #Fish   #Environment   #Sea  

Part of the following short film programs

For the sake of the environment

Festivals & Awards:

Mostra “El dia més curt de l’any” Spain, 2018    
Fascurt, Spain, 2019    
Babul Eco Film Fest, India, 2019    
Fescigu, Spain, 2019    
Festival de Cine: Infancia y Adolescencia, Colombia, 2019    
SpudFilm: WASTED - Environmental Films, UK, 2019 - Award: Over 18 Award; People Choice Award
Galapán Film Festival, Spain, 2019    
Zinetxiki Zinemaldia - Festival Internacional de Cine Infantil y Juvenil, Spain, 2019    
Rural Film Fest, Spain, 2019    
Gastro Film Fest, Croatia, 2019    
Festival Internacional de Cine Infantil Ojo al Piojo, Argentina, 2019    
Foradcamp - Mostra de Cinema amb la Natura, Spain, 2019    
Festival de Cine de Madrid (PNR), Spain, 2019 -  Award: Cine Molón: Cine para niños y jóvenes
EKOFILM, Czech Republic, 2019    
CineEco Seia, Portugal, 2019    
Cibo Corto Festival De Due Mari, Italy, 2019    
Interfilm Berlin, Germany, 2019    
FICMA, Spain, 2019    
FICBE, Spain, 2019    
Certamen Internacional de Cine de Cabra, Spain, 2019