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Francy Fabritz // Germany // 2019 // 08:00 min

Live Action // Comedy

Language: German // Subtitles: English, Without Subtitles

Anette (55) and Carla (70) have known each other for years. Their rebellious nature and their special sense of humour connects the two self-con?dent women. They have always been swimming against tide and even today they are still committed to their values. In the 1980s they fought loud and visible as radical feminists. Years have passed and since society has only changed in slow motion, Carla and Anette decided to modify their strategies by using their criminal energy with a breeze of fun and rage. Today’s shift to the right and that society pushes them to the edge not only as women but also because of their age does not stop them. Undaunted they are using their supposed invisibility to do what many would not dare to do.


#everyday life   #Berlin   #Feminism   #Women   #Friendship   #Society   #LGBTQI+   #Human Rights   #Politics   #Police  

Part of the following short film programs

Queer Fever

Festivals & Awards:

53rd Internationale Hofer Filmtagen - Germany, 2019     
35th Interfilm Berlin International Short Film Festival - Germany, 2019  -  Audience Award hereby nominated as the German entry for the European Short Film Audience Award
2nd Berlin Lesbian Non-Binary Filmfest, Germany, 2019  - Audience Award
11th Filmfestival in der Westtorhalle - Germany, 2019     
26th International Short Film Week Regensburg -  Germany 2020

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