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Henriette Rietz // Germany // 2020 // 04:36 min

Animation // Comedy

Language: German // Subtitles: English, French, German, Without Subtitles, Spanisch

»POSTPARTUM« is about the chaotic phase in life of a new mother. Pumped up with hormones and lacking sleep, this intense time has burned deep into the protagonist’s heart. This film is an honest and very personal insight into the world of an overwhelmed mother, who seriously thought that parental leave would become a sort of sabbatical.


#Relationship / Love   #Family   #Women   #Society   #Gender   #Internet   #Body   #pregnancy   #parents   #Birth  

Festivals & Awards:

La Guarimba International Film Festival, Italy 2020    
Animation Block Party, USA, 2020    
Rolling Ideas Short Film Festival, Romania, 2020 -  Best Low or No Budget Winner March 2020
OFF - Odense International Film Festival, Denmark, 2020     
SEAFF - Stockholm Experimental Animation Film Festival, Sweden, 2020    
BuSho - The Budapest Short International Film Festival, Hungary, 2020    
Filmfest Dresden, Germany, 2020 -   LUCA GenderDiversity Film Award & Special Mention National Competition Animation
WFAF World Festival of Animated Film Varna, Bulgaria, 2020     
In The Palace Short Film Festival, Bulgaria, 2020    
E&U European Short Film Festival, Germany, 2020  -  Semi-Finalist »Best Short Film from the European Union«
Encounters Film Festival, UK, 2020    
Animatou, Switzerland, 2020  -  Special Mention
Short Film Factory, Romania, 2020    
Short to the Point, Romania, 2020 -   Best Low or No Budget Winner March 2020
Festival Of Animation Berlin, Germany, 2020    
AFI Fest, USA, 2020    
TAF - Thessaloniki Animation Festival, Greece, 2020,     
interfilm 36th International Short Film Festival Berlin, Germany, 2020    
Lublin Film Festival, Poland, 2020    
One-Reeler Short Film Competition, USA, 2020    Special Mention

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