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Gianluca Vallero // Germany // 1999 // 12:13 min

Live Action // Grotesqueness, Comedy, Roadmovie

Gino und Cosimo are bored hanging around a dull bar in an east Berlin suburb. Gino dreams of coming on to blonde women, and Cosmo wants to sink his teeth into a big, fat, juicy German ?Wurst?.


#Adventure   #Foreigners   #Berlin   #Food   #Violence   #Injustice   #Urbanity   #Weapons   #Classic / Cult Short Films  

Festivals & Awards:

Berlinale - Internationale Filmfestspiele Berlin - Deutschland 2000: Panorama New York Academy Scholarship Award
interfilm International Short Film Festival Berlin – Deutschland, 2000 - Local Hero Award
Exground Filmfest Wiesbaden – Deutschland, 2000 - Audience Award
Regensburger Kurzfilmwoche – Deutschland, 2000 - Audience Award
Otto Ludwig-Piffl-Preis Berlin – Deutschland, 2000 - Audience Award