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Natassa Xydi // Greece // 2016 // 16:02 min

Live Action // Coming of Age, Drama

Summer in Athens, and Elsa?s family isn?t the only one renting their apartment to tourists. At their ?spare apartment? there?s little space for the young lady?s dreams.


#Poverty   #Money   #Youth   #Crisis   #Capitalism   #love   #relationship  

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Festivals & Awards:

Montpellier Film Festival Mediterranean Cinema France, 2016
Hellas FilmBox Berlin –
Germany, 2017 - Special Mention Shorts Competition
Filmfest Dresden – Germany, 2017
Ljubljana ISFF – Slovenia, 2017
Huesca IFF – Spain, 2017
interfilm - International Short Film Festival Berlin – Germany, 2017
Fiaticorti film festival – Italy, 2017 - Best Film Award