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Moy stranni dedushka

My strange grandfather

Dina Velikovskaya // Russian Federation // 2011 // 08:40 min

Animation // Drama

Language: Without Dialogues // Subtitles: Without Subtitles

An old man who collects rubbish and builds things may seem very strange; but he might also invent the most wonderful creations.


#Alcohol   #Family   #Outsiders   #Childhood   #Generation Gap   #rubbish/trash   #Environment   #Consumption  

Festivals & Awards:

Primanima World Festival of First Animation (Hungary)  -  Prize “For Best Sound Design”
Chester International   Film Festival (UK)  -  Audience Choice Award
XXIV World Fest. of Anim. Films “Anima – Zagreb”(Croat) 2014  -  Jury Honourable   Mention
VII Amarcort Film Festival (Italy)  -  Prize “For Best Short Animated Film”
“Anim’est”(Romania) 2013  -  Jury Honourable   Mention
XIII Reggio Film Festival (Italy)  -  Best Film of the Festival
International Art Animated Film Festival TV Channel 2x2 (Russia) 2014 -   Grand-prix
VII Festival du Film D’animation de Paris “Croq’Anime”  -  Golden Award
VII Malta TV Short Film Festival (Malta)  -  Best Sound Design
I International Festival of Animated Films for Children (Serbia)   -  3rd Prize for Senior Participants Films
IX Sardinia Film Festival (Italy)  -  Best Film for Children
II Animation Film Festival “Libelula” (Spain)  -  Jury Special Prize
12thInternational Student Film and Video Festival (China)  -  Audience Choice Award
Festival de Court Metrages de la Cote Bleue (France)  -  Grand-prix “OURSIN D’OR”
International Festival of Short Artistic and Animated Film “ROZAFA AnimFest 2013”   -  Student Animated Film
Cluj International Short Film Festival (Romania)  -  Best Animated Film
II International Brazil Stop Motion Festival  - Special Prize of the Festival
IV Montreal Stop Motion Film Festival (Canada) 2013  -  Prize “Public Choice”
III Stop Motion Festival “Se-ma-for” (Lodz)  -   For Best Film for Children
XI Open St. Petersburg Student Film Festival “Beginning”  -    Prize “For Best Animated Film”
XII International Film Festival   “The unprecedented cinema” (Tallinn)  -  Prize “Bronze Frame”
XIV International Student Film Festival (Tel Aviv)  -  Best Animated Film
XVII Open Russian Festival of Animated Film (Suzdal)   -  Best Puppet Film

& many more