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Chris Raiber // Austria // 2015 // 16:30 min

Live Action // Coming of Age, Drama, Art Film

Language: German // Subtitles: English

A car drives through the snow. Behind the wheel is Nelly. She is thirteen years old. Nelly wants to go home. Separating her from her goal are three questions, two keys, a diving tower and a racing heart.


#Childhood   #Sickness   #parents  

Part of the following short film programs

TeenScreen - Ideals & Illusions

Festivals & Awards:

Berlinale / Generation 14 plus – Deutschland, 2015 - Special Mention
Cinema in Sneakers Festival – Polen, 2015 - Best Short Film Age Group 14+
Raindance Film Festival – Vereinigtes Königreich, 2015
interfilm International Short Film Festival Berlin – Deutschland, 2015 - Best Live Action Short Film
KUKI - International Short Film Festival for Children and Youth Berlin – Deutschland, 2015 - Special Mention
KINOdiseea - International Children Film Festival – Rumänien, 2015 - Best Short Film