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Line Klungseth Johansen, Vegard Dahle // Norway // 2022 // 19:40 min

Live Action // Drama

Language: Norwegian // Subtitles: English, Norwegian

John lives with his boyfriend Benjamin in a flooded apartment building. As the water continues to rise, John begins to suspect that Benjamin intends to leave him. However, instead of confronting the problem, John distracts himself with tending to his vegetable garden.


#Fear   #Nature   #Relationship / Love   #relationship   #Loneliness   #LGBTQI+   #climate   #Environment   #love   #Sea   #Moral   #clash/conflict   #Surrealism   #Separation   #Water   #living room   #Food  

Part of the following short film programs

For the sake of the environment

Festivals & Awards:

Brussel Short Film Festival, Belgium 2022    
Short Shorts Film Festival, Japan 2022  -  Environmental Award (Save the Earth! J-WAVE Award)
OFF Odense Interational Film Festival, Denmark 2022    
Oslo/Fusion, Norway 2022    
Nordisk Panorama, Sweden 2022    
Queer Voices Film Festival, Moldova 2022    
Lund Fantastic Film Festival Short film, Sweden 2022    
AVFest, USA 2022    
Interfilm Berlin International Short Film Festival, Germany 2022    
Bodø Film Festival, Norway 2022    
Minimalen Short Film Festival, Norway 2023  -  Best Norwegian Short Film
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