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Stiletto A Pink Family Tragedy

Can Merdan Dogan // Germany, Turkey // 2021 // 17:49 min

Live Action // Drama, Comedy

Language: Turkish // Subtitles: English, German

Hasan is a taxi driver working the night shift. On the early-morning drive home, he sees a woman passing in high heels. Fascinated by her appearance, he does something that leads to disaster in a world where the boundaries of masculinity are clearly drawn.


#Family   #LGBTQI+   #Women   #Men   #Gender   #Dance  

Part of the following short film programs

Queer Fever

Festivals & Awards:

65th BFI London Film Festival, UK, 2021 (Official Competition)  

58th International Antalya Film Festival, 2021 (Official Competition)  

19th Gwanghwamun International Short Film Festival, South Korea, 2021 (Official Competition)  

55th Hof International Film Festival, Germany, 2021 (Official Competition)  

31st Cottbus Film Festival 'Close Up Turkey', Germany, 2021 (Official Selection)  

32nd Ankara Film Festival 'National Short Film Competition', Turkey, 2021 (Best Short Film)  

37th Interfilm International Short Film Festival Berlin 'Queer Fever', Germany, 2021 (Official Selection) 

22nd International Izmir Short Film Festival, Turkey, 2021  (Best 2nd Short Movie, Best Acting) 

19th London Short Film Festival, UK, 2022 (Official Selection) 

20th Dublin International Film Festival, Ireland, 2022 (Best International Short Film)

26th Film Festival Turkey Germany, Germany, 2022  (Best 3rd Short Film)  

14th Go Shorts Film Festival, 'European Competition', Netherlands, 2022 (Official Competition)  

18th Akbank Short Film Festival, 'National Competition', Turkey, 2022 (Special Mention Jury Award) 

41st Istanbul Film Festival, 'National Competition', Turkey, (Official Competition)