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Aitzol Aramaio // Spain // 2003 // 11:00 min

Live Action // Tragedy

A bus driver assumes that a junkie he used to see regularly has died when she is sudeenly no longer around. Regretting not having helped her, he is thrown into turmoil when she re-appears.


#Work   #Outsiders   #Relationship / Love   #Drugs   #Society   #Communication   #Urbanity   #Traffic   #Duel  

Festivals & Awards:

LaCinemaFe Film Festival of New York – USA, 2004 - Best Short Film
Festival Europeen du Film Court, Brest – Frankreich, 2004 - Best Short Film
interfilm International Short Film Festival Berlin – Deutschland, 2003 - Best Short Film
Tabor film festival – Kroatien, 2003 - 1st Prize