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The Tunnel


André Øvredal // Norway // 2016 // 14:22 min

Live Action // Drama, Science Fiction

Language: Norwegian // Subtitles: English

?The Tunnel? is a science-fiction film taking place in an overpopulated future where we follow a small family in heavy traffic on their way back home from the beach. Between them and their gigantic home city there is a tunnel with a horrifying purpose.


#Fear   #Car   #Vehicles   #Family   #Society   #Future   #street  

Festivals & Awards:

Monster Fest, Australia – Australien, 2016 - Jury Prize
Norwegian Short Film Festival – Norwegen, 2016 - Norwegian Filmworkers' Association's Technical Award
Strasbourg European Fantastic Film Festival – Frankreich, 2016 - Melies D'Argent
Calgary International Film Festival – Kanada, 2016
Milwaukee Film Festival – USA, 2016
Neuchâtel International Fantastic Film Festival – Schweden, 2016
Tribeca Film Festival – USA, 2016