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Wall Flowers - Five shorts about life with the Wall

5 films // 1 hrs 25 min

The Berlin Wall marked the deadly borderline that cut through the city for 28 years, symbolising both the division of Germany as well as the state that entrenched itself behind it. MAUERBLÜTEN presents five award-winning short films that explore life in East Germany, with its restrictions and state surveillance, in distinctly different ways. Many of the films deal with the power and powerlessness of both the Stasi and individual people. The documental piece RADFAHRER demonstrates the constant shadowing that photographer Harald Hauswald was subjected to; in DIE KLÄRUNG EINES SACHVERHALTS the filmmakers tell of the Stasi?s tyrannical methods of repression and in the entertainingly defiant fantasy, DETEKTIVE the entire surveillance system is unceremoniously reduced to absurdity.