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KUKI - Shorts for Kids ( 7+) FSK 0

11 films // 1 hrs 03 min

The KUKI Shorts for Kids program aimed at children aged 7 and over, shows that a little cinematic imagination goes a long way. See coffee machines, eggs and street signs come to life; an octopus grow on a little girl?s head and find out what happens when a fire-breathing dragon has a sneeze-attack. Beyond that, experience the remarkable everyday routine of a young boy in India and even travel back in time to 1928 with Laurel and Hardy to watch one of the most famous scenes in movie history. And while the love of cinema binds a group of boys together in one film, the friendship between a caterpillar and a tadpole is put to a dramatic test in another. Overall, an entertaining and diverse collection that demonstrates the astonishing stylistic and narrative range of short film ? from challenges such as severe illness to films that are insightful, wonderfully silly and even eye-opening. Or films that inspire audiences to become creative themselves, such as the children who made the hilariously inventive KANGAROO-TAXI film in an animation workshop.