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4th International Super 8 Filmfestival 1986

In 1986, in addition to special programs from Argentina and the Philippines, Super 8 films from the GDR were also shown, which had to be smuggled out of the country with difficulty.

Someone closes his eyes for seconds. When he opens them again, he sees that nothing has changed on the street outside his window. He is startled. (W. Wenders) No, don't be afraid!

That's not the way Super 8 film production is. Rather the opposite. The majority of filmmakers still work according to the motto 'let there be light'. So you don't notice the crisis in Super 8 film that is said to be affecting commercial film - or is it just better concealed here?

Since Super 8 filmmakers usually do not want to acknowledge the traditional rules of film language, we (viewers) are sure of new experiences and impressions in any case.

However, it is more difficult this year than in the past to make an assessment or even to establish a tendency in Super 8 filmmaking.

What is noticeable is that a number of Super 8 filmmakers are flirting with other formats, even blow ups are now common (probably because of the better distribution possibilities) and finally video production is also on the rise among Super 8 filmmakers.

The fact that INTERFILM IV does not have a section for video may seem like purism to some. In any case, the large number of video magazines (e.g. Infermental and Axis) indicate that a lot is happening in this sector. Nevertheless, the organizers are of the opinion that there is still enough substance in the medium of Super 8 film to make a festival program of its own worthwhile. But now to the festival, which is now taking place for the fourth time in Berlin.

The organizers of INTERFILM IV (A.B. ART E.V. in cooperation with the FRIENDS OF THE GERMAN CINEMATHEK and the team of the XENON-KINOS) are pleased to present a truly international program.

From South America to Japan, from Hungary to Scandinavia, from Weiterstadt to Melbourne, the announcement for the festival was heeded and countless films were sent to us. Selection was necessary. And as always, it will seem incomprehensible to some (why this film, mine is much better?!). Of course, it was a subjective selection of the jurors, based mainly on their experiences as cinema, festival and partly also filmmakers. Perhaps for this reason, and also because of the large number of films, the selection was a little tougher than last year. In any case, the non-inclusion of a film should not discourage the filmmaker.

Finally, the organizers wish all visitors and participating filmmakers a lot of fun watching the films and performances and themselves a good success of the festival!