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5th International Super 8 Filmfestival 1987

In 1987, interfilm continued its commitment to Super 8 films from the GDR. In addition, this time Australia, France, the Netherlands and the USA were featured. There were also special programs by individual filmmakers, as well as a special erotica program.


    Endless loop
    International Selection Program

Country Program

    Australia I
    Australia II

Special program

    Children of the confetti machine
    Special program: Krause
    Special program: Erotic
    Special program: Cinematon (France)

installations, slide shows performances, music events, panel discussions, workshop, exhibition

Endless loop - "All power to the Super - 8".

Eight years old is this sentence and the reactions to it are complex. Delivered in a calm tone preferably with folded arms, it is received by slightly slanted corners of the mouth. The position of the mouth, upwards, downwards or both, depends on the degree of nostalgia and the mood of the recipient. If you shout it out, you'll have the laughs on your side; highly recommended after several days at the festival.

Unless a mean cynic in the audience continues the sentence with " Good night...". Then it's time to change medium or location. Or to write a manifesto, beginning with the words: "All power to Super 8 ". Or go to the cinema. Dramatic things appear on the screen, a gloomy stage in dull projector light.

In the corner of a condemned house lies an aging 20-year-old and begs: "Let me confess from my failed life" "Why - Being - Germany "murmurs pale his girlfriend (a proud Roman) and reaches into the keys of her macramé piano. To this Hesse and Satie rotate their crawls in waltz time. "This is the double-zero solution of sense! "deliriously an affected pacifist and continues to print his air-base-chaining endless loop with the federal eagle. 1o black-clad end-timers shuffle from the left into the scene and cry. Song: (to sing after the melody of "We lay before Madagascar") " We looked for the unfilmed place on the Berlin wall and did not find it".

A group dynamic with brainstorm follows: " Shall we: - play the saxophone lonely on the Gleisdreieck ? - shake the camera in the backyard ? - flit the clouds with the time-lapse.... - arouse the eroticism of our break... let ? - bleach black film or black out blank film ? - sink into the mysteries of the software ?" Now everything grins, one lies in the arms, screws turn SF-like from the IKEA - shelves. There - the stage floor opens! The congregation intones:" Deus ex machina - Deus ex machina " A huge shadow breaks the fog.

It is Arnold Schwarzenegger

With a single sheaf he strikes down everything, twitching bodies, etc. He introduces a new cassette and points the gun at the paralyzed auditorium. (Close-up of his eyes narrowed to slits.) Gently his finger curves toward the trigger. 24 shots per second. Mixed into the inferno is his cry: "

All the power of Super 8 " Eight years old is this sentence and the reactions are complex. Presented in a calm tone ( preferably with......... endless loop ). - A. Wildfang