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7th International Film- and Videofestival 1989

In 1989, interfilm decided to expand the presentations to all film and video formats. The newly founded fsk cinema was added as a venue. In addition to the country programs, which had become conceptual in the meantime, more and more motto programs such as the "Gay / Lesbian Film Night" now came to the fore.

Don't be shy and don't be inhibited, because what you have never seen before, you won't get to see here. What rarely hurts at such an event is a little exchange of ideas about this or that film, sometimes before rather than after, because in some cases it is more advisable to stare thoughtfully at the end in order not to attract unpleasant attention.

Be warned against excessive enthusiasm, because in the end you are only as embarrassing as your own taste in movies and you usually can't do any better. But where is the exception? Certainly in the films where it is enough that they simply please and no compulsively interested batting of the eyelashes is required to burst the other or a thought bubble. A good false set of teeth, suitable for the various formats SUPER-8 VIDEO 16mm seems nevertheless necessary to bite through five days of film.

Finally, a few rough reflections on the theme: this year, too, symbols are important in film, when the inner and outer worlds intertwine most dramatically and the hero or heroine has a really hard time. The more sophisticated films can be recognized by their long takes and complicated camera operations - but the unintentional "camera sliding out of hand" still remains controversial among some filmmakers, which is why this aspect finally requires a fundamental film-theoretical discussion. There is less experimentation, because so much always gets broken in the process and budgets are tight. It's a pity that there's still too little kissing and shooting in the films, even though it's cheap and the zombies are missing to eat those off the screen who tear too dreary-assed dull mono and dialogue.


 Selection program I (Super 8)
    Selection Program II (Super 8)
    Selection Program III (Super 8)
    Special program
    The Elephant of Ivory (Super 8)
    Gay/Lesbian Film Night (Super 8 / 16mm)

    Selection Program I (16mm)
    Selection Program II (16mm)
    Selection Program III (16mm)
    Special program
    AGZ - Film Production (16mm)
    Tony Hill (16mm)
    Eric Pauwels (16mm)

    Country Program
    USA (Super 8 / 16mm)
    USA I (Video)
    USA II (Video)
    Belgium (Video)
    Scandinavia (Video)
    France (Video)
    International (Video)

    Special program
    Berlin realities (Video)
    Idiots Videoten (Video)
    Dance & Movement (Video)
    Lars von Triers "Medea" (Video)
    Lars von Triers "Images of a relief" (16mm / 35mm)
    Gusztav Hamos' "L'invincible" (35mm / Video)

Concert - Performance Antarctica - Flexitar No. 2
Special program Video Idiots

Video idiots compiled by Stiletto Studios

In 1982 Axel Brand and others organized interfilm, the "1st International Super 8 - Festival" in Berlin.

In the battle for the hobby filmmaker market, Super 8 was already in its last legs against the rising amateur medium VHS, when the Berlin art underground pitted cine film with its coarse-grained dilettante aesthetic for HdK students, garage musicians and cab drivers against the slightly dusty film avant-garde. Avant-garde and experimental film festivals opened up to the frowned-upon hobbyist format Super 8 only after the technical shortcomings of cine film were defined as artistic stylistic devices. Wild Super 8 activists became wimpy film artists again.

With a seven-year delay, a video and television program is available for the first time at Interfilm. From Germany comes a program guaranteed free of video art, but full of attempts to test the limits of good taste, plagiarism, logic, quality and competence, in order to be able to redefine them again or to leave them out for good. In addition to their festival program, the Videoten invite you to an interfilm live television broadcast on Saturday, September 30, on the Open Channel (SK 8) of Berlin's cable television programs from 10:00 p.m. to 0:00 a.m. in the studio at Voltastrasse 5 or from home on the television set by phone at 4 60 02 195.

Gay / Lesbian Film Night

Interfilm 7, 30.9.89, 24.00 Uhr

        Wieland Speck
        Safer Sex Porno

        Michael Brynntrup
        Narziss und Echo (Premiere!)

        Steve Cummins
        Le corps image

        Zitrusfrüchte 2

        Bruce Labruce
        I know how it is to be dead

        Thomas Feldmann

        Thomas Feldmann
        German Runs

        Jonathan Pollard
        Venus Infers

        Volker Schönwart
        Cleanliness is next to Godliness

        Die Praxis

        Gerard Durant / Jürgen Brüning
        Cinematon faux No. 997

        Thomas Mank
        Triptychon -Studie für ein Selbstbildnis

        Jörq Kronsbein
        Mikes neuer Kronleuchter, oder Meine Kamera hat einen automatischen Zoom

        Matthias Müller
        Aus der Ferne - The Memo Book (Premiere!)

        Edith Schröder - eine deutsche Hausfrau

        Rolf Kligge
        A Safer Sex Dream

        Le temp de reflechir (Ausschnitt)

        Karyn Kay
        Someone else's clothes

        Hans-J. Köhler
        Der Auslöser

        Cornelia Gürtler

        Betty Gordon
        Scetch to Variety

Die Auswahl trafen Michael Brynntrup und Matthias Müller. Durch das Programm führte BeV StroganoV.

Vielen Dank für Anregungen und Hilfe an Wieland Speck, Alf Bold, Jürgen Brüning, Mahide, Olaf Stöben.