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9th International Short Film Festival Berlin 1991

In 1991, Filmkunsthaus Babylon and Eiszeit Kino were again the main venues of the festival. Special programs with films from Romania, Venezuela, Scotland and Ireland were presented.


Program 1

    The trailer for:
    Attack of the incredible
    bloodsucking radioactive garbage
    monster from the deep 2
    Fungus Eroticus
    The King
    Man of Paper
    A Tale Part Told
    Swordfight (Swordfight)
    Engelbert's pad

Program 2

    No Heroes
    No Money no Honey
    Anka / Tortoises' Endgame
    An Illusion

Program 3

    Family Album
    A Distant Relation

Program 4

    Presented (Tricked)
    Tristan, or going broke is hard
    Black Forest - Blue Danube
    Sunset (sundown)
    Child / Home Stories

Program 5

    What a Wonderful World
    Radio Radio
    Zurawis / Cranes / In the Ghetto / Mont Real
    Buchholz remains

Program 6

    A Dream of Naming
    Good Morning Health
    Cesar Asar's Box
    Naked at the same time (nude at the same time)
    Egykor a Gyimesben j├╝rtam / Once I was in Gyimes

Program 7

    Shock Absorber
    The Abbotess and the flying Bone
    I don't know who's that (I don't know who's that)
    Love Signs
    Little Lonely Boy
    Schoolgirls in Chains
    She She She
    Southern Comfort

Program 8

    Hov! / Secrets are my business (Secrets are my business)
    Elegy Bitterfeld
    Liebe, Jealousy and Revenge (Love, jealousy and revenge)

Program 9

    The crater and its inmates
    The Job
    Kele / Fields
    A Bedful of Strangers

Program 10

    Know your Alphabet
    What's up Bronco?
    The Magic Glass
    An Alchemy of Demons
    The Ferrara Poems

Ireland 1

    Ink o Least of All Ourselves
    London Calling
    Fruit 15
    End of Part 3

Ireland 2

    Cork Screw
    Bound for Manhattan
    11 Stories
    The Woman who married Clark Gable


    Romance Barroco
    Tratado de Estetica
    Dreams last only Five Minutes
    The Pool
    The Cristal Flight
    Que en pez descanse
    Mala Matiana
    Topos / Moles


    Zidul / The Wall o Revolta oglinzilor / The Revolt of the Mirrors
    Oul / The Egg
    Pinza de Paianjen / The Spider's Web
    Va fi liniste, va fi seara / It will be Silence, it will be Dusk
    Boomerang (Essay)

Lesbian / Gay Film Night

    Black and White Studies
    Simultaneously Naked
    Give Aids the Freeze
    Fishing for Compliments
    Home Stories
    Bunny Tap Dancing
    Fate of a Doxy
    Love, jealousy and revenge
    Sex Garage
    A Boy from Nantucket

Schlingensief 1

    The House of the Dead of Lady Florence
    Mommy, let's make a movie

Schlingensief 2

    The Mystery of the Count of Kaunitz
    Point. Videocafe
    Operation Prometheus
    Dutch from Amsterdam
    Little loves