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15th Berlin International Short Film Festival 1999

In 1999, the venues participating in "interfilm 15" with the theme "Future & Ecstasy" were the Hackesche Höfe Cinema, the Filmkunsthaus Babylon, the Galerie Meinblau and the Haus der Kulturen der Welt (opening).

In addition to country presentations from Mexico and France, Bill Plympton from New York was invited as a special guest with his animated cartoons. In addition, there were extensive special programs.

eject II - The long night of deviant film

MEIN BLAU, the venue of trendsetting film opens its doors once again to expose ecstatic cineastes to a relentless short film marathon.

For eject II - The Long Night of Offbeat Film, a multi-faceted short film program has been put together with over 30 international entries. The jury for this competition will be the audience, who can use small mirrors to direct light onto an eject symbol. If enough light rays reach the sensor, it means eject and the film misses the leap into the 21st century.

The mega-event is presented and commented on by the supposedly virtual presenter MADAME BLEU, who redefines the fast-moving communication age in the course of the evening. She acts as successor of the meanwhile unfortunately career-bent HP 2000 (do you remember ?).


    Digitale Fantasien
    Urbane Perspektiven
    Der andere Blick
    Unfälle und Anschläge
    Bedürfnisse und Stadtrundfahrten
    Auf Leben und Tod
    So ein Tierleben

    Auswahl des Kurzfilm-Festivals Clermont-Ferrand
    Frankreich 1 - "Etrange"
    Frankreich 2 - "Animation"
    Auswahl des Instituto Mexicano de Cinematografia

    Kurzfilm Extras
    Bill Plympton
    Titanic - 4 Filme zum Untergang

    Berlin Spezial
    Ostfront / Westfront
    Die Mauer

    Video Ultra
    Cyber and Sex
    Millennium Art
    Attack Frauenschicksale

    Commercial Art
    The Year 1999 A.D.

    Charles Wilp - Vom Cola-Rausch zum Allorgasmus
    Heinrich Dubel - Der Helikopter im magischen Auge

    Historisches Kurzfilmprogramm
    Journey to the Future
    Christmas 2025 - God The Revealer

    Holger Madsens ,Himmelsskibet" ("A Trip to Mars")


    interfilm Extras
    Cannes Rolle
    Sex und Wahnsinn 1 + 2

    Eject - die lange Nacht des abwegigen Films


1st prize
Cash prize DM 2.000
made possible by Havana Club

2nd prize
Film material and development worth DM 4.000
made possible by Fuji/Film- und Videoprint

3rd prize
Film subtitling worth DM 2.000
made possible by cover picture

4th prize
a hotel suite worth DM 900
made possible by Alexander Plaza Hotel