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20st Berlin International Short Film Festival 2004

13,000 viewers watched more than 450 short films from 45 countries (festival record) in 50 different programs (festival record) on the six festival days at seven venues. In addition, more than 10,000 viewers watched and decided on the cell phone film competition via the Internet.  The entire range of film genres was covered - from classic short fiction to animation, children's films and documentaries, music and advertising clips to film experiments.

For its anniversary festival, interfilm welcomed more international guests than ever before. Filmmakers and representatives of the film industry came from Australia, Colombia, Argentina, Mexico, South Korea, India and many other countries.

This was due not least to the world's first competition for short films shot with a cell phone camera. Of the 150 super-short films submitted (max. length: 90 seconds), the Colombian flick "Checklist" won through with the audience for the "Siemens mobile MicroMovie AWARD".

For the first time, two films from the newly created experimental film sector won two of the most coveted prizes: "Light Is Calling" (USA, 2004) was named Best Short Film in the International Competition and tells its story in images that surrender to the allure of ancient times as melting historical photographs. "Obras" (France, 2004), which won Best Animation, also evokes the past as part of the present. After four years of research, the filmmakers portrayed one of Barcelona's most famous neighborhoods in a unique blend of photography, video and computer animation.

The festival, born two decades ago in the flashy cultural scene of what was then the political island of West Berlin, has become an internationally renowned media event.   Festival director Heinz Hermanns has been there from the beginning. "The festival has moved with the times, bringing Super8 experimental films to the screen, introducing cinematic hybrids and always opening up to new developments."

Patron Prof. Klaus Keil:"...The 20th International Short Film Festival! Bravo and respect to Heinz Hermanns and his team: over 20 years of passion, underfunding and still growth - what an achievement!.."    


3839 films submitted from 78 countries
Various screening teams once again spent the summer forming an essence from them. The result: over 450 screened films from 45 countries

Programs + Venues

    - 19 competition programs (International Competition, German Competition, Children's Film Competition, 3 Audience Competitions)
    - 21 special programs and retrospectives (including Tony Hill Retrospective, Festivals in Residence, Super 8 Programs, Music Clips, Computer Animation)
    - 7 programs in the country specials Portugal, Spain, Argentina, Australia, Italy
    - 3 lectures on the topics of screenplay and title design
    50 thematic programs á each approx. 90 min.

    - Filmkunsthaus Babylon (2 cinemas, 32 screenings)
    - Hackesche Höfe Filmtheater (2 cinemas, 29 screenings)  
    - Acud Kino (1 cinema, 14 screenings)
    - Volksbühne am Rosa-Luxemburg-Platz and Red Salon (2 venues, 10 screenings)
    4 venues, 7 screens, 77 screenings (exclusive special events)

Siemens Micro Movie Awards