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22nd International Shortfilm Festival Berlin 2006

 The 22nd International Short Film Festival with 63 short film programs was very successful and fine. 14.000 visitors came to see the films, we had guests from all over the world more we ever had, and 18 awards worth € 40.000,- found happy winners in 5 competitions.

From over 4,000 entries from 98 countries, we have chosen 486 films from 48 countries , of which 161 were nominated for the following six competition programs: International Competition, Confrontations: Against Violence and Intolerance, Documentary Competition, German Competition, Children's Short Film Competition, and Eject - Midnight Movie Madness.

The special focus dealt with the genre of animation , with internationally recognized guests such as Bruno Bozzetto and Michaela Pavlatova as well as retrospective programs on the work of renowned animation artists . Country focus programs on the Czech Republic and Brazil, and the results of a children's film workshop provided additional highlights among almost 30 special film programs . From Classic New York to Asi-Anima, from Clipped to Realitiy Bites, it seems we had a keen sense of thrilling themes. And: at lounges, brunch, location tour and parties we had good fun.

The four panels on the main topic of animated film enriched in many ways, the YouTube discussion inspired, guests such as Bruno Bozzetto (creator of Signor Rossi) and Michaela Pavlatova presented their own programs and were highlights in persona, and 24 jury members had constructive fun between cinema, culinary and party - Otto Sander was visibly moved by the "extremely high quality of the films" at the awards ceremony.

The country focuses Brazil and the Czech Republic brought us interesting filmmakers, the cinematic result of the children's film workshop is impressive - also online! - and the nearly 30 special programs from "Classic New York" to "Asi-Anima" and "Hands up" to "Music Videos" and "Clipped" prove interfilm's good sense for interesting topics through high visitor rates and positive feedback.

Whether daily lounge, brunch, party or the programs: the reactions and congratulations about a successful festival make us very happy - with pride we can say: it was successful and fun! Thank you for coming and celebrating, thank you also to the partners, award givers and sponsors.

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