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23rd International Shortfilm Festival Berlin 2007

The 23rd International Short Film Festival, a veritable meeting place for the international short film and video scenes, anticipates experts on films, Berliners and guests from all around the world. During the six days of the festival 550 short films will be shown in 115 screenings. An international jury will award ´interfilm Short Awards' worth € 40.000.

With a selection of 550 short films, more than ever before, chosen from a total of 3,800 submissions from 88 countries and worldwide research efforts, interfilm presents 66 programs (or 115 shows) that display current developments in international short film creation. Most of the productions were made in Germany, England, France, South Korea and Australia.


Six competition programs and 40 other special programs will feature exceptional short films, both narrative and experimental, in the form of animations or music clips, children's films and documentaries. This year's thematic focus is on the last two of the aforementioned categories. Awards valued at a total of 45,000 € will be distributed to the competition winners.We are expecting more national and international visitors than ever this year, and are looking forward to welcoming them to Berlin's second-largest international film festival. May all audience members and guests enjoy an entertaining, thoughtful, communicative and inspiring festival!


Kassel Documentary and Video Festival
Our festival counterparts in Kassel present the best productions from their last festival and sum up the year 2006.

Leipzig Documentary and Animation Film Festival
Leipzig presents animated documentaries: Highlights of three years of ANIMADOK.

Without Words – Non-Dialogue Documentaries              
The power of images becomes evident in films that document without words.

Jan Peters Special      
This documentary filmmaker presents peculiar treasures from his copious repertoire.

Reality Bites
Films that are challenge the definition of reality, and a classic festival program: a study in the power and manipulability of pictures – not least by the media itself. We present films on the perimeter of the documentary genre. Unreal reality meets the really unreal.

Realities Rewind - Highlights
As part of this year's focus on the documentary, this program features a selection of masterpieces and award-winning films from the past five interfilm Documentary Competitions.

Documentaries for Children (10+/12+)          
See KUKI – Youth and Children’s Film


The highly diverse and energetic “New Romanian Wave” within the Romanian film scene captures the status quo of a country and snapshots of its population.

South Korea
In recent years, a film landscape has emerged in South Korea – practically from nowhere – that shows enormous potential. Blossoming with innovative energy, the South Korean film scene is currently the most vivacious in Asia. A young generation of filmmakers produces technically brilliant animations and short features which reflect the tensions between traditional forms of thought and modern (city) life.


Zagreb School of Animation presents Historic animation films and New Croatian short films got selected from the Tabor Short Film Festival.

St. Kilda is Australia’s most important short film festival. In 2008, it will take place for the 25th consecutive year. The two programs include a small selection of films that were produced in Australia in the last 18 months.

Cortitos - Latin America
Once again this year: Ibero-American short film.

Spanien - La vida en corto
New Highlights from Spain.

New animations from Southeast Asia will again be presented in one program.

Films on Paris
Following our New York special last year comes a program featuring Paris. Unique productions offer renderings on the history, lifestyle and distinctive features of this metropolis.

Italy - Immaginale
10 years Immaginale! Immaginale is a festival within the interfilm-festival. In cooperation with the Short Film Festival Capalbio we offer new films as well as Italian Masterpieces from Antonioni, Risi und Rossellini and others.


European Academy Short Award: Prix UIP
The nominees for the European Short Film Award: For the third year running, interfilm presents the winners of the Prix UIP. Initiated by United International Pictures (UIP) and the European Film Academy (EFA), juries at thirteen European festivals select one film from each, which are then automatically selected for the European Film Award. From these, the 1,600 members of the EFA select the nominees of the European Short Film Award.

Quick Flick World
Films that were made in a jiffy by separate teams, under one motto.

Simon Ellis
One of the most active and original short film directors in England displays his creative prowess.

People and places that really exist: Volker Gerling presents his very special form of cinema: the flipbook.

Autour de minuit – in digital wonderland
Nicolas Schmerkin, editor of the magazine “Cinema Reperages” and founder of the renowned short film production company “Autor de Minuit”, is a frontier runner in animation, experimental and fictional film. His visionary works feature asthetically employed new technologies, outlining his own graphic universe.


Films full of suspense and scary effects – the 2007 edition.

Experimental films with a narrative impact.
100 years of Berlin in 3-D Photograpy
Meisterstein presents historical photographs animated in to 3-D, offering new perspectives on Berlin.

Control –A program about Surveillance
Public surveillance has become a daily reality all over the world. Filmmakers from different countries handle the subject of surveillance in different ways - sometimes playfully, sometimes solemn.

Clip It - Music, Art and Animation                    
Clip It is a collage of music, images and animation. In addition to innovative animated music videos, short films from the industrial and advertising sectors will also be featured. The aim is to create flowing transitions on a visual level, but also to homogenize diverse structures in appearance, narration, sound and technique, while still allowing the unexpected to come alive in the individual clips.

Soundso - New German Music Videos
The program shows a selection of the last years best German music videos.

Champion Sound - New International Music Videos
The program shows a selection of the last years best international music videos.

The Radar Festival - Next Generation Music Video
The Radar Festival creates opportunities for emerging music video director talent. Enjoy the selection of work from the eighteen 2007 finalists.

Commercials for a concept
"Commercials for a Concept" are ads - but not for products. They are ads for ideas, concepts or utopian product suggestions.