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Florian Lukas (*1973, Berlin) played at the Berliner Ensemble and Deutsches Theater at the young age of 20. He made his first film in 1990, and received the Bayerischer Filmpreis for Absolute Giganten (1998). Florian Lukas has worked on more than 60 films, including the internationally successful production Good Bye, Lenin! (2001), for which he received the German Film Award.


Janin Reinhardt

Janin Reinhardt can be seen in Rapunzel , SK Kölsch , Paare (nominated for the International Emmy Award in 1996) and Lotta in Love . Her cinema debut came in 2005 in Die Österreichische Methode . In 2006, she was nominated for the ROMY as a Shooting Star, and she participated in the audio book production Mond über Berlin . In 2007, she has participated in Oskar Roehler's film Lulu+Jimi and played a starring role in the ZDF film Flug ins Glück.


Thomas Wöbke was born in 1962 in Munich. Together with Jakob Claussen, he founded the production company Claussen+Wöbke+Putz in 1992, which has since produced films for the cinema and for television. Currently, the films Stellungswechsel and Trade can be seen in theaters, and Wöbke is in the post-production stage of Krabat.


Veit Helmer

Veit Helmer made his first film at the age of 14. He attended the HFF Munich, where his unique short films quickly gained the attention of large audiences. His feature films Tuvalu and Tor zum Himmel have screened and won awards at numerous international festivals. His documentary Behind the Couch received the German Film Critics' Award for Best Documentary in 2006. His new full-length film Absurdistan will debut in German cinemas in March 2008.



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