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Children and Youth Short Film Festival


We are happy to say that KUKI, now in it's seventh year, has grown mightily. This year's submitted children's films were particularly numerous, and their quality consistently high. That means that this year we will not just be presenting the 3 established competition programs, but also programs for school groups, the special programs “Is this the right place?” and “Being foreign – being different”, and a children's documentary film program, “Look at the world!”

Generally speaking, this year's KUKI offers a balanced mix of exciting, funny, magical and thoughtful animations and short films from 20 countries. We present all films in their original language, when necessary with accompanying live German dialogue by professional speakers. The special theme programs are presented by media pedagogues, and there will be a special panel on children's documentary film.

The starring role that children play in KUKI is not just emphasized by our children's jury, which will choose, as usual, two short children's films for interfilm Short Awards. Our young audiences will be called upon to choose their favorite short for an Audience Award, and in addition, this year's three competition programs will be introduced by young presenters for the first time. To start out each program we will also show the results of the “Kinder machen Kurzfilm” project, an initiative organized by Bewegliche Ziele e.V. in cooperation with interfilm Berlin in which Berlin elementary students make their own short film.

Enjoy the colorful world of children's short film!

We offer special screenings for school classes.

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