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Roter Salon an der Volksbühne Tue 06 Nov Sun 12 Nov
Special Programs 19:30 H and 21:30 H / Festival Lounge 23:00 H

Festival guests can enjoy a sparkly mix of screenings (music videos, music clips), visual presentations, live entertainment and deejaying.

00:00 H Opening Party: DJ Radionic & Starfish
Disco, Funk, Pop

23:00 H Lounge: DJ Term
Disco, Asia-Pop, Korean music videos

23:00 H Die lange Nacht des Kurzen Glücks
+ Lounge: DJ T-INA Swing, Boogie, Jazz

23:00 H eject-Party: DJ Alan Always
Rock, Trash, Pop

22:30 Closing Party: DJ Digitalshitbox
Disco, Pop, 80ies  


interfilm 23 Festival Party

presented by Francophonic Festival
Club 103 / Sat. 10 November 2007 / starts 11pm

Between 10:30pm and 1:30am, a shuttlebus will leave hourly from Kino Babylon Berlin:Mitte towards Club 103.

unten/main floors:
live: dDamage (Tigerbeat, Paris) Europa Tournee - Electro-HipHop,
DJs: Léonard de Léonard (Leonizer Rec., Paris) - Electroclash,
DJs: Chris De Luca vs. Phon.o (Ex-Funkstörung) - Techno, Hiphop

oben/interfilm lounge:
DJ Beaner (War vs. Sleep, Im Frühtau) – minimal
VJ Endo (Vamp Star, Tokio) - psychedelic Live-Vjing
Line Up Info:

dDamage (Tigerbeat, Paris) live (Europa-Tournee) - Electro-HipHop
The Hanak Brothers's sound is an almost indescribable electronic music experience somewhere between rock, electro and hip-hop – rowdy and melodic at the same time. During their live sets, the duo develops an amazing energy, similar to a well-oiled Kalaschnikov: loaded!


Leonard de Leonard (Leonizer Records, Paris) DJ-Set - Electroclash

Ebenfalls schwierig zu beschreiben ist Léonards Mix aus unernsthaftem Electro, Acid-Ritornellen, 8-bit-Gimmicks, Booty Bass-HipHop und Electroclash. Jedenfalls hat er schon mit Peaches und Gonzales gearbeitet und das hören wir in Berlin ja gern.

Léonard's mix of un-serious electro, acid ritornellos, 8-bit gimmicks, booty bass hip-hop and electroclash are also hard to describe. Whatever the case, he has worked with Peaches and Gonzales, and you can't go wrong with that kind of company in Berlin.


 DJ Beaner

Pablo, der Exil-DJ aus San Francisco, hat sich in Berlin einen Namen als einer der besten Minimal-DJs der Stadt gemacht. Er hat schon fast überall aufgelegt (White Trash, 103, Bar 25) und veranstaltet auch eine eigene Partyreihe namens "Im Frühtau", die sonntags um 8.00 morgens beginnt und dann mindestens 24 Stunden geht.


 VJ Endo

Endo, a new Berliner from Tokyo, mixes live seventies erotica with psychedelic shapes and traditional Japanese animations. It adds up to a wild, wonderful, funny mix. Endo is also a fashion designer and sells his own creations as well as original items from Tokyo.


DJs Chris De Luca vs. Phon.o (Ex-Funkstörung) - Techno, Hiphop

The ex-Funkstörung guys have moved on to cooperative DJing. Their unconventional mix of intergalactic hip-hop, ghetto beats and dirty techno breaks out of out of all those genre constraints!


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New: "Kurz in Berlin" DVD