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Focus on Documentary: PANELS 

Look at the world!
Documentaries for and by children and youth

Saturday, 10 November 2007, 4 pm in the Roter Salon at the Volksbühne, Rosa-Luxemburg-Platz

The documentary offers children gentle access to subjects, questions and problems in the world, and the opportunity to discuss them: What kinds of different realities are there? How do people in other cultures live? What joins them together? How do they deal with conflicts and crises? Taking these questions one step further through hands-on filmmaking can open up a new perspective for young people – on themselves, their environment and the media.

The documentary as a key to the world? How do filmmakers, editors, festivals and pedagogues take on the opportunities and responsibilities of children’s documentary film? Who decides which subjects and imagery are interesting or appropriate? How do children and youth experience the results? What can working with youth in film accomplish, and in what setting can it best take place?

Using examples in film, children and adults exchange ideas on these and similar questions. 

- Mark Aitken , documentary filmmaker, director of Polkadotsonraindrops, a youth documentary workshop in London
- Alessandro de Filippo , documentary filmmaker, teaches film theory at the University of Catania and has implemented numerous workshops on education in pictures.
- Oliver Rauch , director of documentaries with children, grant trustee at the Medienboard Berlin-Brandenburg.
- Leopold Grün , media educator and documentary filmmaker (“Der rote Elvis“), member of the selection committee of doxs! at the Duisburg Film Week.
- Isabel Šuba , director of the short documentary „12. Etage“, film Student at HFF Potsdam
- selected children

- Frauke Knappke, interfilm distribution Berlin.


Mirror Reflections
The autobiographical documentary – searching and finding

Sunday, 9 November 2007, 4 pm, in the Roter Salon at the Volksbühne, Rosa-Luxemburg-Platz

Making a film about what is most dear to oneself sounds easy, but treacherous terrain and unforeseen traps await those who turn the camera on themselves, making their own lives the subject of observation. How far must one go to ensure that everyone recognizes him or herself in a film self-portrait?

More so than other documentaries, autobiographical documentaries raise questions of subjectivity and performance, and of the relationship between living and creating. Many-layered and interesting narrative forms often emerge, blurring the lines that separate the development process and the film. But what happens to the protagonist? Does the distance from oneself grow with the intimacy of the film? Does one’s life become fiction? What discoveries can be made by looking through a camera into a mirror – and for whom?

- Jan Peters, filmmaker and co-founder of the filmmaking collective “Abbildungszentrum,” makes film diaries since 1990.
- Maria Mohr, filmmaker, directed the short documentary „Cousin Cousine“ about an impossible love.
- Bin Chuen Choi, filmmaker, returned to his home town  Hong Kong with „Lost property Hong Kong“ (2006).
- Hannes Schönemann, filmmaker, in „Julias Wahn“(1999) he followed the traces of a lost love between East and West.

- Cornelia Klauß, works as a curator for the Leipzig animation and documentary film festival and for Kurzfilmtage Oberhausen, dramaturgist, author



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