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SP-22   Champion Sound - New International Music Videos

Internet killed the video star - an echo heard everywhere one turns. Sheer presumption! When Michel Gondry makes the surreal seem real in "Cellphone's Dead" by Beck, or when the Bollywood style in M.I.A.'s clip suddenly turns eighties, it becomes obvious that everything BUT the death of music video is imminent. And when the mechanical drums floating in a glass cube in Battle's "Atlas" reach the eyes and ears, joy ensues, confirming that these videos are made for the big screen! Thanks to the following Labels and Productionstudios: www.popmusik.ded

Screening :

10. 11. 2007 at 21:30 h, Roter Salon - Volksbühne n
11. 11. 2007 at 18:15 h, Babylon Berlin:Mitte Saal 2


Down The Line

Director(s): Andreas Nilsson

U S A, 2007

running time: 03´20 min


Director(s): Nils Gråbøl, Ulrik Crone

Denmark / Russian Federation, 2007

running time: 03´33 min

Dans La Merco Benz

Director(s): Benjamin Biolay

France, 2007

running time: 03´24 min

Cell Phone's Dead

Director(s): Michel Gondry

U S A, 2006

running time: 03´45 min


Director(s): Timothy Saccenti

England, 2007

running time: 05´20 min

Salmon Dance

Director(s): Briten Dominic Hawley

England, 2007

running time: 04´10 min

Champion Sound

Director(s): Steven Glashier

England, 2006

running time: 02´38 min


Director(s): Dave Meyers

U S A, 2007

running time: 03´45 min


Director(s): Sam Brady

England, 2006

running time: 03´59 min


Director(s): James Price

England, 2007

running time: 03´35 min

French Dog Blues

Director(s): David Mullett

England, 2007

running time: 03´25 min


Director(s): Timothy Saccenti

U S A, 2007

running time: 04´05 min

Our Velocity

Director(s): Nima Nourizadeh

England, 2007

running time: 03´37 min

Wine In The Afternoon

Director(s):  Blair Young

England, 2006

running time: 04´40 min

Prism # 1

Director(s): Mo Stoebe

England, 2007

running time: 03´20 min

Mer Du Japon

Director(s): Guillaume De La Perriere

France, 2007

running time: 02´46 min

New Me

Director(s): Aleksandra Domanovic

Austria, 2006

running time: 04´22 min

Thou Shalt Always Kill

Director(s): Karen Penman, Liam Brazier

England, 2007

running time: 03´22 min

Dialogue: englisch

A highly personal, potentially controversial, but always spot-on blast of commandments for a better world, spoken word over lo-fi electronic production. ours is the animated music video.  more info


Director(s): Jonas , Francois 

France, 2007

running time: 03´03 min

Hump De Bump

Director(s): Chris Rock

U S A, 2006

running time: 04´20 min

Must Be The Moon

Director(s): Ben Dickinson

England, 2007

running time: 03´48 min

Music: !!!  more info


Director(s): Nezar Khamal

England, 2007

running time: 02´59 min



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