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International Competition

IC 01 Assaults and Accidents
IC 02 Animated
IC 03 Fatal Life
IC 04 Love and Insanities
IC 05 Surrealities
IC 06 Family Affairs
IC 07 Digital Delusion

The International Competition has been the heart of the Festival since 1993. This year, the IC team once again met the incredible challenge of watching all of the submissions and deliberating on which would make it into the Competition.

The programs are not only aimed at offering a selection of espeially well-made films, but also at presenting originality, and at providing audiences with a profile of contemporary themes, work methods, and concepts used by filmmakers all over the world.

Classic themes like love, passion, death, family, growing old and growing up - whether presented in satire or drama - are as equally represented in the IC as are innovative animations or striking surreal worlds that float somewhere between funny and frightening.

We look forward to inviting audiences and jury members into the emotional, strange, amusing and confusing places these 67 films - from 34 countries, structured into 7 program blocks - can take the viewer! Gaze in awe at the full scale of short film diversity.

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IC Confrontations – Films Against Violence and Intolerance

IC CON 01 Violent Encounters
IC CON 02 About War
IC CON 03 Daily Fears

The competition “Confrontations – Films Against Violence and Intolerance“ has become an integral part of the International Competition, and we thank the Federal Agency for Civic Education for the prize money increase. The increase emphasizes the importance of this special competition, which awards films that handle difficult and often shocking themes in an artistic and professional manner. The subjects of war and the human rights crimes in Bosnia are the focus of this year’s nominees.

Violence and intolerance, in their many forms, seem to be more present than ever in our society. However, we receive our information from media that, due to their function and method, do not have access or the ability to portray individual incidents and situations as they occur. This primarily emotional gap is closed by selected films – grouped thematically into the programs “Violent Encounters”, “About War”, and “Daily Fears” – in diverse forms. Whether they focus on war, domestic violence, social inequality or fear of terrorism, the makers of these films prove that they are capable of handling such extremely difficult themes in moving ways.

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IC DOC 01 Passions
IC DOC 02 From Work to Work

As this year’s central theme, the documentary pops up all over the festival, beginning with the the International Competition. Divided into two programs, 17 films from 10 countries compete for the votes of the jury members.
Nominated 7 times, animation is the most notable of all the documentary types. Animated documentaries are a special kind of so-called hybrids. In recent years, the animated documentary has been utilized often to illustrate historical events, however long ago they may have occurred. A prime example is the Australian competitor Cry from the Past. The most interesting aspect of this genre is its ability to naturally convey intimate or private details while maintaining the privacy and anonymity of its subjects. Our Brilliant Second Life, from the program “Passions”, illustrates this principle especially well.
The general theme of “Passions“ is the display of ardent protagonists in their parallel worlds. More specifically, these films feature extravagant collectors, British youths, an obscure forest of death, and life in virtual spaces. The program “From Work to Work” focuses on the wide world of labor – today and through the years. These films are funny, tragic, grotesque, intuitive, and visually impressive.

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GC 01 The Rules of the Game
GC 02 Big Finish
GC 03 Coming to Sense

In all, 699 German short film productions were submitted to the festival this year. And once again, our team of three suffered, deliberated and spared no pains to find the best new German shorts. We selected 21 films that will compete for the votes of the jury in three competitions. Also, audiences will have the opportunity to vote for their favorite among the German shorts for the first time this year – the winner will be awarded 2,500 €. The jury will select two films for awards with a total value of 15,000 €.

The German Competition selection committee put considerable emphasis on the diversity of this year’s program nominees – with regard to both content and asthetics. In addition to films that focus on society, the programs feature films that show the courage to create gentle overtones, that represent more an atmospheric attitude than an opinion.

The program “The Rules of the Game“ is a collection of films that deal with social structures and rules. Who makes the rules, and who gets left behind in the competition wars between women, tennis players and colleagues?
“Big Finish” features films that focus on challenges and tests of courage. Real Weebles wobble, but they don’t fall down!
The third competition program “Coming to Sense” includes films that stimulate the senses with bread-and-jam aroma, fluffy poodle fur or sensual clouds of scent. The sound of silence and the liquid summer sun on an empty afternoon let reality melt into the surreal.

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For years, we have been asking ourselves: What exactly is an absurd film? Definitions like “not normal and therefore strange” or “sounds weird, must be trash!” are only confusing. Ergo, this year the question will still not be answered comprehensively – but no matter!  Our unenlightened state cannot put a damper on the joy with which we present the 10th edition of “Eject – Midnight Movie Madness!”
For this special birthday celebration we will be showing films on the secrets of extreme sneezers, sugar junkies, bloody marys and imaginary friends. We present last wishes, pubic hair campfires and public transportation window cleaners…and of course there will be a birthday cake.
As always, the audience is the jury. “Voting Devices” will be distributed in goody bags. Sir Henry the Organist will provide appropriate musical atmosphere, and Humpert Schnakenberger will guide us through the weirdness with aplomb. Come celebrate with us…and see what surprises Eject the 10th has up its sleeve!

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KuKi 01 Competition (6 and up)
KuKi 02 Competition (8 and up)
KuKi 03 Competition (10 and up)
KuKi 04 School Program
KuKi 05 Circus Cabuwazi
KuKi 06 Short Film Workshop for Kids
KuKi 07 Special Program: “Is this the right place?“
KuKi 08 Documentary Program: “Look at the world!“

We are happy to say that KUKI, now in it's seventh year, has grown mightily. This year's submitted children's films were particularly numerous, and their quality consistently high. That means that this year we will not just be presenting the 3 established competition programs, but also programs for school groups, the special programs “Is this the right place?” and “Being foreign – being different”, and a children's documentary film program, “Look at the world!”

Generally speaking, this year's KUKI offers a balanced mix of exciting, funny, magical and thoughtful animations and short films from 20 countries. We present all films in their original language, when necessary with accompanying live German dialogue by professional speakers. The special theme programs are presented by media pedagogues, and there will be a special panel on children's documentary film.

The starring role that children play in KUKI is not just emphasized by our children's jury, which will choose, as usual, two short children's films for interfilm Short Awards. Our young audiences will be called upon to choose their favorite short for an Audience Award, and in addition, this year's three competition programs will be introduced by young presenters for the first time. To start out each program we will also show the results of the “Kinder machen Kurzfilm” project, an initiative organized by Bewegliche Ziele e.V. in cooperation with interfilm Berlin in which Berlin elementary students make their own short film.

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