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Babylon Berlin:Mitte Kino 3 
Limited numbers of participants, please register at the festival counter.

Wed Nov 7, 3 pm
What filmmakers should take into consideration when distributing their film. Beginning with ‘how and where should I submit my film?' and ‘what will make my film commercially successful?' to ‘should I promote it myself, or leave it to a distribution company?
Lecturer: Christian Gesell (interfilm Berlin, Head of Sales and Distribution)

Film and TV
Thu Nov 8, 3. pm
How to make it big? Is it enough to produce a successful short film to get production companies come knocking on my door? Does my short film
(successful or not) have any kind of influence on my career in the film and television business?
Lecturer: tba

Fri Nov 9, 3 pm
Film score composers discuss their work and talk about why it is important for filmmakers to think about the music for their film at an early stage in the production process.
The lecturers will give an insight into the working procedures between directors, producers and film score composers and discuss the advantages and disadvantages of using pre-produced music. Legal aspects such as rights of use in pre-produced music or own compositions will also be explained.
Lecturer: Christoph Rinnert (Executive) and Mickie Duwe (Composers Club e.V., national association of film score composers)

German Film Funding
Sat Nov 10, 3 pm
How does film funding work in Germany? Where and how can I apply for money for my next film (regional funding, foundations, sponsors)? The do's and don'ts when applying for funds.
Lecturer: Nicola Jones (German Federal Film Board, Referee to the Executive Board )



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